Park Maintenance

The Cole Harbour interconnected wilderness trails are a cultural treasure for the whole city.

These heritage parks and trails offer beautiful nature experiences right in our own backyard. 


Thanks to COVID-19 we now see how important open spaces are for families and friends to gather safely, both inside and outside. More seasonal spaces are needed to support recreational, entertainment and sporting events within District 4.

We have such talent in District 4, why not establish open space outside where these individuals can showcase their talents to a crowd? One place that comes to mind is on the shores of Bissett Lake. Would you and your family enjoy watching an outside theatre or musical productions there?  There are several diverse areas in District 4 which offer great potential for open spaces and recreational sites to be developed. I would love to hear from you about where you think these areas exist within your neighbourhoods so we accommodate different sized groups to meet the needs of many.

We have needed a recreational, accessible water source for a long time.

Thankfully, in 2020 such a place was approved by our current HRM city councilors. As such, a water splash pad will be built at the existing Cole Harbour Outdoor Pool in Colby Village.

This is exciting because the project is expected to be finalized next summer in June 2021 and if elected, I will work to ensure that work continues. 

COVID-19 will present further restrictions to all HRM citizens this year and these restrictions may very well be in place after the start of 2021. Therefore, adapting to the “new normal” will take time and creativity. As Canadians, we are used to our cold winter months and typically move indoors when the temperature drops.

As winter approaches, we will still require indoor spaces to gather, even for short periods. Saying this, our two high schools are accessible and have ample parking. With safety protocols in place, we could utilize a specific set of classroom(s) and/or gymnasium(s) for non-contact sports, as well as other recreational and cultural community programming.

Animal Support

We love our furry pet friends. Let’s work together to establish an off-leash dog park in District 4. To do this we would first need to ensure we do not create such a park on historically significant lands.

The Open Spaces–Cole Harbour Basin Plan suggests one possibility clear of limitations close to the NS Rehab lands.

A second issue that has come up this year With regard to animal control is that unfortunately, District 4 has a growing rodent population.

To solve this problem, it is suggested you contact pest control services to manage the nuisance animals effectively.