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Affordable Housing

Our city’s affordable housing inventory has not come at the pace of increasing demand. There are many jurisdictional issues that affect the cooperation required between all levels of government and this impedes development of new policies relating to affordable housing concerns. There are no municipal caps on rent increases, nor strong eviction laws and this leaves individuals and families vulnerable to being forced out of current residences.

To my knowledge municipal legislation does not specifically state that rental increase percentages or guidelines are based on Consumer Price Index (CPI). I will urge city councillors to work to change this and jointly work with the provincial government of Nova Scotia and all levels of government and private sector leaders to find ways to improve our current affordable housing shortage in Cole Harbour/Westphal and HRM.

I shall be your voice at city hall and together we will collectively:

  • Evaluate current jurisdictional overlaps and/or roadblocks
  • Collaborate effectively with all orders of government and industry to provide more affordable housing options for Cole Harbour/Westphal residents of all income levels
  • Implement municipal legislation for tenants and landlords that provide clearer rules on evictions and price caps
  • Develop an action plan that will provide sustainable and predictable tax measures to support the development of a fair rental housing market
  • Ensure existing affordable housing investments and existing needs are reviewed and forecasted over the long term

Women’s Issues

The Women’s Advisory Committee was established on November 27, 2018, under the direction of Councillor Lorelei Nicoll.

In Councillor Nicoll’s August 2020 News Letters to residents of District 4, the Women’s Advisory Committee detailed it will “Advocate for women’s gender-based issue resolutions and opportunities related to municipal policies, priorities and decisions to promote leadership development and to empower women to fully participate in civic life.”

If elected I will carry on Councillor Nicoll’s work on this committee to help other women find their voice.

For more information: Contact Krista Vining, Legislative Assistant: 

Black Lives Matter

After witnessing the murder of George Floyd by the hands of Minneapolis police officers in broad daylight, were cognize clearly that racism exists close to home perhaps even within each of us and within our own neighbourhoods. What is true is that we have a long way to go to making this right for everyone, even in District 4.

On June 9, 2020, Mayor Mike Savage said, “anti-Black racism includes polices and practices embedded in our institutions that reflect and reinforce beliefs, attitudes, prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination. It is directed at people of African descent and rooted in their unique history of enslavement and colonization.”

If elected, I propose the distinction of there being a Cultural Core Designation for the area around Main Street, Cherry Brook and Old Miller Road.

This way community members living in the area and those on community minded associations can apply for government grants to help renew and continue to support the area’s unique heritage while deepening our regional pride.


Core values at HRM: “Diversity is understanding and utilizing different views, ideas, life experiences, skills and knowledge.

Inclusion is about eliminating barriers so all members can fully participate and contribute. The means being supported and valued within the community and organization.”

At HRM, they have laid the foundation to represent the communities we serve. More information can be found at:

Environmental Issues

HaliFACT 2020 is a long-term climate action plan to reduce emissions and help communities adapt to a changing climate.

As your councillor, I will continue to support the great work you, HRM council and staff members worked hard on for our city and District 4 residents to ensure this action plan moves us all towards a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.