Emergency Services

Who do you call for an emergency, non-emergency, community issue, or COVID-19 testing? 

  • Call 911: for emergency purposes only
  • Call 311: for non-emergency purposes, and police non-emergency line at 902-490-5020
  • Call 211: to find non-municipal community and social services available in your area
  • Call 811: to arrange a testing time if you have COVID-19 related symptoms;

Fire Prevention

Planning, preparing and practicing what to do if a fire broke out can save lives.

Our firefighters are highly trained and are there to help you, your family and friends survive if such an unfortunate event arose in your neighbourhood.

Let’s make sure they continue to have the tools they need to do their job safety.


Increase the number of express bus routes. We currently have the Urban Express Route #79 which services Cole Harbour/Westphal. Let’s look at another option to take residents toward Burnside and Dartmouth Crossing;

The establishment of more bike lanes and more bike paths would be extremely helpful for residents who travel into and out of District 4.

I want to collaborate with community and elected officials to find ways to interlink the existing bike lanes and bike paths to our commercial centres, our residential areas, our parks and open spaces safely. 

The establishment of bicycle links to our neighbouring districts is healthsmart and effective for long term growth of our communities.

Law Enforcement

Noise complaints have been on the rise after nightfall with firecrackers and parking lot wheelies. I look forward to working collaboratively with law enforcement to manage these disturbances. 

There have been a number of break-ins in the area. We need to establish neighbourhood patrols and community watch groups within HRM regional police to get them under control.

Elementary and middle school drop off and pick up areas are potential danger zones during early morning and afternoon dismissal times for our children.

We need to re-establish police liaison officers to help establish school safety areas and add value to our community. We are working hard today for a stronger tomorrow.